Letters To LOMM


Dear League Of Mental Men

I strongly urge all members of the British broadcast media to show their complete lack of xenophobia when reporting global disasters, such as earthquakes etc, by not completely ignoring the thousands of dead or badly mangled, no mark foreign fucks lying strewn in the rubble and just emphasising with ill-disguised relief, that no Brits were amongst the casualties, as is they invariably do..

Maisy Syphilis



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7 responses to “Letters To LOMM

  1. Little bit of satire there for a change folks :)


  2. Who WAS that be-hatted, judgemental, fine figure of a man??????


  3. Is that the same Maisy who, draped in a Union Jack, was the sole survivor of the Andorran tricycle tragedy back in 1922?


  4. alienorajt

    Hilarious – and razor-sharp commentary at the same time. Short but bloody good! Maisy Syphilis – wonderful name!

    Dear LOMM

    Well, stap me vitals!
    Was Maisy in Amsterdam’s Ladies of Negotiable affection District at the the same time as the infamous twins, Clarissa Chlamydia and Goneril Gonorrhea, perchance? Only I swear there was a shadowy third pincered in between the buxom twosome the night me old mate Seth Golightly asked for a bit of minge-on-minge(on-minge, as it turned out) action – and asked me along as witness, camera (and, in the subsequent messy divorce, can) carrier and general factotum.
    Yrs etc
    Amos Welbeloved, Rubber Layer for the whole of Cornwall: No Job Too Small…

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  5. sozsatire

    “Wryly observed” would have done just as well Teach. That reply is at least 4 times as long as the original gag! You should get together with Mike Steeden. He’s partial to a long one…allegedly. :)


  6. Hmm, Maisy, are you sure you aren’t confusing your news for an American station?


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